Osaka Redux

February 18, 2007 at 11:50 am Leave a comment

Unbelievably its been almost two years since I was last in Osaka and my initial impressions of Japan this time around were mostly negative. Osaka can seem like a morgue at times, and Japan a concrete tomb. Shinsaibashi has changed, more upscale shops have moved in, I cant find all the record shops that were here last time, but after a few days things begin to look better. Time Bomb records has expanded into a full out shop, Loser has reopened as a hole in the wall clothing shop, king kong records consists of 3 branches, and all the reggae and dub shops have only expanded.  Most of the eccentric dress of previous summers has been replaced with minimal hipster affair, Osaka seems like a much less exciting place, but unlike most of south east asia, it at least has stuff going on.  Alchemy Records was a new find, but as other commentators on Japan have noted it seems like Japans time in the creative sun has long past. The goth girls in their victorian dresses and maid outfits are essentially wearing uniforms, new bands come and go, but little of the excitement of say ground zero, boredoms, the shibuya electronic set, have lasted. Japan appears to be sleeping, with little signs of anything to change it coming soon. Vampillia is a new hyped band here that sounds interesting, Im sure there are some decent bands around but its more that nothing has changed thats disturbing. Slowly U.S. groups are building up a new vocabulary for musical forms, but Japan doesnt seem to have matched that yet. The Osaka Contemporary Arts Space is awfull BTW and not worth bothering with.

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