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  • everything Dave Pollard writes is cool. In this one he estimates the elimanating the pox viruses from mankind allowed for unnatural population growth.

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Getting it

For about a year I’ve been talking to Anthony Wang on and off again, but never really about music. And now 3 days to go before Osaka I walk into Oishi and he wants to buy my box of cds. As he goes through them he throws a john zorn record on and goes you’re into so much experimental shit before throwing on objecto amarello, otomo yoshihide’s new jazz quintent, and then for a second it kinda happens. We realize we’re actually just music fans. It’s kinda sad to see them take an entire box of medocire cds shining as they realize that I’m not some random western guy, but a guy in the same field as they are. His partner is suddenly nervous around me as he realizes I’m cool. For a second a weird glance is exchanged, but the relationships have changed. We’re now equals somehow, both music fans exchanging tips and tricks and Anthony Wang who dressed in that mongolian long hair hipster style of japan is as cool as anyone in any club I’ve ever met. While cultural differences have a tendency to elevate dislocation or comfort, I find myself strangely more respectfull of my hosts. We are after all somehow cool in each others eyes.

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