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Lost Planet Extreme Condition

1. The multiplayer is still amazing and a lot of fun. I really feel like this game is as repetitive as counter strike or other games. Almost every game is fun and sometimes quite long.

2. This game’s single player just sucks ass. It feels cramped, the story is basicaly not comprehensible (the main character requires T-ENG becuase of an implant from his father?) and the acting is bad enough to kill you. Additionally, nothing ever really happens, the back story seems tacked on. Additionally, it’s one of those energy source story arcs, foreshadowing tomorrow’s wars for oil etc.

3. The multiplayer outside of the demo is sometimes a bit cheap. I’ve had dudes play 1 on 1 with rifles who I never even saw just kill me, I might add that some of the alternative characters you can play as seem a little bit harder to kill than the typical snow pirate character.

4. What I feel most dissapointed with is that Capcom has managed to conjure up a world and playground that’s involving and exhausting, but they haven’t managed to populate it with characters any better than those in Resident Evil one, in fact RE1 at least had a comprehensible story line and some acting, Lost Planet at times feels lost in itself.

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