197+ words on Halo 2 and Perfect Dark Zero

January 30, 2007 at 3:40 pm Leave a comment

Halo manages to do what any good fanatasy or sci-fi game should do: it comprises a world that’s appealing. What’s appealing about Halo’s world? I have no idea, much like Star Wars it’s really just the way the whole things meshes together into a coherent and believable whole that makes it work, nothing feels pretentious, it just works. Halo manages to touch on a dreamscape that’s authenticity draws you back in. Halo 2 also manages to have a pretty decent story line for a video game and one that surprisingly multidimenstional and has depth.

Perfect Dark Zero however should be banned and consigned to the horse’s cup before the earth’s body was born. It consists of a lot of stereotypes that never really gel (anyone else like the little Asian dude with the gunk going into his head?) or the overweight researcher or neon haired goons. Man is this game awfull. What makes it worse is that if PD Zero didn’t have a storyline it would actually be an OK game, but becuase it has a storyline it’s truly awful. Not only does it grate on me, but it actually makes me not want to play the game.

Hence, we again have the movie problem Halo is an OK movie (it could use a little work, but I enjoy it) PD Zero is a hideously awful movie, and while I know the stereotypes are meant to be tongue in cheek, dude it’s just fucking beyond bad.

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