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  1. Abu Aardvark: Howayda Taha

    Al Jaeezera correspondent arrested and film seized in Egypt.

    to egypt media free_press … 2 days ago

  2. List of unrecognized countries: Information from

    to politics countries … 2 days ago

  3. ISCID – International Society for Complexity Information and Design

    source for complexity theory news.

    to complexitysaved by 30 other people … 2 days ago

  4. The Beer Can Theory of Creativity

    it’s the full text paper. she’s all about cultural evolution etc.

    to creativity cognition culturesaved by 2 other people … 2 days ago

  5. Cogprints – The Beer Can Theory of Creativity

    it comes to creativity, how your ‘beer cans’ are connected together is
    as important as how many of them there are. This chapter explores the
    cognitive mechanisms underlying the emergence and evolution of cultural

    to creativity beer congition … 2 days ago

  6. Liane Gabora – Google Scholar

    researcher in complexity theory and language + some rather interesting articles on creativity.

    to science creativity cognition … 2 days ago

  7. Peter Schuster – Google Scholar

    biophyscists who studies evolution and theoritcal biology deals with wether it’s continous or not.

    to evolution biology … 2 days ago

  8. Uncommon Descent

    it’s the discovery institute’s blog. it’s interesting and worth reading.

    to evolution biologysaved by 44 other people … 3 days ago

  9. Dembski, William A. – ARN Authors Page

    part of the discovery institute

    to biology evolution … 3 days ago

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