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More Links Jan 17th

Delicious isn’t posting ‘m

  1. ISCID – Stuart Kauffman Live Chat

    if i didn’t post before, very interesting interview about the origons of life.

  2. Reza Ghadiri – Google Scholar

    chemist working with self-organizing structures and the origins of life.

    to chemistry life evolution … 3 days ago
  3. From
    the Cover: The origin of intermediary metabolism — Morowitz et al. 97
    (14): 7704 — Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

    Harold Morowitz on the origons of life.

    to science biology life … 3 days ago

    Stuart Kaufman’s theory of evolution.

    to evolution science … 3 days ago
  5. Boing Boing: Physics problem: Poof and Foop

    some pretty cool problems from physics

  6. With One Photo, Brisbane Dominates Photo World, NIghtmares – Gridskipper

    clown sex….

    to sex australia clowns … 6 days ago
  7. The Blog | Nick Seaver: Sign Up for Al Gore’s Climate Project | The Huffington Post

    sounds like Al Gore’s thing is fun.

  8. YouTube – Wes Anderson American Express Ad

    it’s pretty funny.

  9. James D. Miller: Helping Orphans

    it’s funny.

    to orphans humor economics … on jan 09
  10. Amazon Online Reader : Patternmaster

    this one sounds interesting. Octavia Butler.

    to fiction octavia_butler … on jan 09

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Links Jan 17

  1. Abu Aardvark: Howayda Taha

    Al Jaeezera correspondent arrested and film seized in Egypt.

    to egypt media free_press … 2 days ago

  2. List of unrecognized countries: Information from

    to politics countries … 2 days ago

  3. ISCID – International Society for Complexity Information and Design

    source for complexity theory news.

    to complexitysaved by 30 other people … 2 days ago

  4. The Beer Can Theory of Creativity

    it’s the full text paper. she’s all about cultural evolution etc.

    to creativity cognition culturesaved by 2 other people … 2 days ago

  5. Cogprints – The Beer Can Theory of Creativity

    it comes to creativity, how your ‘beer cans’ are connected together is
    as important as how many of them there are. This chapter explores the
    cognitive mechanisms underlying the emergence and evolution of cultural

    to creativity beer congition … 2 days ago

  6. Liane Gabora – Google Scholar

    researcher in complexity theory and language + some rather interesting articles on creativity.

    to science creativity cognition … 2 days ago

  7. Peter Schuster – Google Scholar

    biophyscists who studies evolution and theoritcal biology deals with wether it’s continous or not.

    to evolution biology … 2 days ago

  8. Uncommon Descent

    it’s the discovery institute’s blog. it’s interesting and worth reading.

    to evolution biologysaved by 44 other people … 3 days ago

  9. Dembski, William A. – ARN Authors Page

    part of the discovery institute

    to biology evolution … 3 days ago

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On forgetting The Mahabharata

Religious histories are based off direct recollection, who needs fact checking when you can just recite your entire history from memory? Hence the family lineages, lack of characterization, and emphaisis on action. The past could be recollected easily and was affable and hence who really needed archealogists? Who needed sudden histories of floods when a story already existed to explain? The loss of knowledge in The West though led to archaeology. Renaissance thinkers literally went about reconstructing the past, colonialists documented ruins and cultures, people had to engage in a new hobby reconstructing the past from the actuality of it’s remains and not it’s fables handed down. The West didn’t have religiously prescriped histories, it’s religion came from the middle east and didn’t bother to perserve saxon culture or germainic villages in it’s texts, history had less authority in the west where the past wasn’t entirely unknown, but no central authority was necessarily imposing a story of origons on it’s people. It occurs to me this arguement overlooks greek histories, persian histories, and other things. Many people were excellent scholars of history before the west’s reinvention, but perhaps it was the west’s own ignorance that let it rediscover itself anew and refreshed and perhaps refamilarizing itself with it’s best elements.

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Brhadaranyaka Upanisad

Begins with a description of a horse, the horse is the earth and the earth’s forms are broken into parts, the sun is a cup rising to it’s mouth. Clearly the day was born after the horse, for by the logic of the horse as stationary, the day naturally fills the function of the horse’s cup. What’s interesting about this? The Upanisads represent a religious text written down after years of culmination, and its logic closely mirrors the turns of logic required for calculus or relativistic physics. My point isn’t to link mysticism to science, but rather to make the theory that perhaps the Upanisads was a fully formed and well versed theory of everything explaing the universe with similar thoughts, but lacking modern day data.

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