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More on the intelligence of the poor Sengal vs Bangladesh

The Sengalese trader Alioune Ka (, locked)admits, “They watch the weather forecast and if its going to rain the next day they are all out selling umbrellas” he says of Bangaldeshis. Bangladeshis aren’t the most desriable of immigrants, in England they hardly perform as well as Indian immigrants, but the tracking of weather forecasts to umbrella sales is hardly more complicated than the tracking of key economic indicators to stock indexes, both show how widespread information can benefit both the poor and the well invested. How then are we to the address the poor? Microcredit and other systems might be helping, but it’s really the wholesale designing of new cultural norms and educational practices to make or break a culture. In order to be a physcist someone must spend upwards of ten years studying, a feat that isn’t possible for many in the lower sector. I might add that Bangladeshis in England have a 24% unemployment rate more than 3 times the 8% unemployment for African-Americans in the U.S. while White Britans have 5.4 and White Americans have a 4.0% unemployment rates respectively. I could find no info on Bangladeshis in Italy, but their remittances are much smaller than other Asian groups about 1/4 of Indians. I might add that Senegal ranks fairly high in fact it’s just under Canada and beats Romania and Poland especially by a long shot suggesting that the Senegalese have a lot more going than just a hip-hop scene.

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