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p.s. everything is cheesier when you embarassdly write it down

like 6 months of race though boiling down into an american euphehism that sounds dumb and continues to support views I no longer hold to. p.s. quit smoking… fukaaaaahhhhhsssss.
girl from monday is pretty good.

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Various different emotional problems 12/23/06

by Andrew Jones
Fears include almost anyone but ethnicities with darker skins (malays, africans, etc) in paticular
Regular people are frightening too
thinking about race a lot, have come to conclusion things are about the same, when you get down to it
genetics doesn’t determine much, however who we are does. aside from that imaginary lynch mobs haunt my dreams
at times I freeze in public spaces, am I going to offend someone with my fear?
new sexual fantasises of women I met a long time ago, have given up on chinese girls.
not sure I really will ever have a girlfriend, my interests run more to ideas, and most women
want friends not dreamers. working on a gizzallion things in the middle of Hartley’s The Girl From Monday
In addition to xenophobia also questioning previous commitment to tolerance of sexuality, is gay marriage right?
it’s these minor splippages that make me unfit for polite society and most of Taipei seems to consist of the polite
type of westener (recount bashing at bar over politics). Most dreams are of far away, where you can be alone.
Perhaps one day I’ll daytrade myself to an Island. It is strange to be so afraid that socializing seems almost impossible, will have to learn more Chinese soon. p.s. Gears of War is cool for xbox.

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