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Lee Bul at Dirty Yoga

Themed shows have the advantage of a clear message which kinda makes it easy to write about them becuase you automatically have a vantage point to ya know apply to the subject. Biennals however are a little harder to write about becuase they are essentially samplers of art to come, and Taipei’s is also marred by having a name I don’t like, but D.Y. was ok ya know… I mean it had some pretty cool stuff in it. So let’s get to the summaries:

Lee Bul

hails from Seoul which is apparently part of South Korea, although not the part I lived in. With the newer forms of sclupture like this I’m not sure I see a difference between this and a Qee really. If I gave this to some kids, I’m pretty confident they would enjoy racing cars down it, but ultimately all Lee Bul has accomplished is a snapshot of how it feels right now to be alive and witnessing a renaissance in design, but it’s a snapshot addressed and intended for a future self with three arms and a slightly faster broadband connection, Ms. Bul has projected desire from the past into a novel form to express pessimisim about our ability to predict the future (the sculpture is unapologietically futurisitc at points) but it also harkens to amusement parks and other cultural chimera which she has reshaped to suggest that increasingly these experiences aren’t differianited from our inner lives. In a way her plastic chaiscoros do more to express the way technology has become more than just a science, but also a palette of expression and potentially this shaping of caves, moon rocks, rollercoaster highways, and futurist temples evokes the quiet sedation of technology, the way we feel when we realize that technology has solved a problem for us with us ever knowing it was there. Design is king in Lee Bul’s world and it’s ethics are potentially nasty.

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