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Politics List 12/14

What I’d like to see in a canidate:

No Tarrifs for Afghanistan textiles and Iraqi goods.

Universal Health Insurance (cover the 50 mil or so w/o insurance)

Closing down of agricultural subsidies with a truly generous plan to re-deploy and train agricultural workers

Removement of regulations regarding foreign insurance companies

Either the reappeal of the Immigration Act of 1924 or at the very least no limit on work visas for tech and skilled workers and a massive increase in farm worker visas.

A better way of distrubiting tax dollars for education that takes note of the number of students in a district instead of the property taxes of the area around it.

Either a carbon tax or an extension of the already existing U.S. climate exchanges plus signing Kyoto.

A plan to reduce the cost of insurance especially health insurance

Investment in nuclear power and possibly fusion.

A redeployment of DARPA funds to opensource science projects that can communicate easily and share ideas.

A plan to help Americans save more.

More open source government including the ability of citizens to propose legislation directly to congress (instead of lobbying through their congressional rep) and a blogging like system that shows each bill and then lets the public comment on it and possibly revise it online.

Greater political responsibility for terrotories of the U.S. such as the Virgin Islands, Guam, Puerto Rico, and others. I.E. the ability to vote in national elections.

A cut in military spending down to at least the Clinton era.

Via magikthise, offering political asylum to abused women from anywhere in the world.

Tokyo style water conservation laws and the encouraging of more water effecient services in states with possible water shortages.

Killing Sarbannes-Oxley for something that will benefit finacial exchanges more and also a reappeal of the internet gambling law and gambling laws in general.

Can’t think of anymore right now.

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