A Few New Environmental Ideas Pay-As-You-Go-Insurance and Re-usable Paper

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Pay as Your Drive Insurance, proposed in The Economist’s Voice, is a form of car insurance that pays people to not drive. The less you drive, the lower your rate. The problem I see with the author’s arguement thought is that car insurance has already been moving over from a general pool of shared risk to permuims and pools based on the likelyhood of accidents. Hence insurance companies have already moved their incentives so as to encourage more accident prone drivers to drive less, but the author’s method has an advantage in that, it takes the cost of insurance per mile, hence with the current method a high risk driver today is less inclined to even own a car (I couldn’t afford the insurance on one I can guarantee you that), while with the author’s method a high risk driver would be a higher fee per mile hence breaking the experience of the incentive into something quantified as you do it instead of an after the fact experience and also reaching all drivers.

Zerox Re-usable Documents
. Xerox’s clean tech iniaitive proposed reducing paper waste as one of their contributions, but untill now the specifics of it hadn’t been revealed. Basically, their new method is to provide a special form of paper that light sensitive and fades in other words they want people to use magic ink or in this case paper. The system works becuase Xerox estimates 40% of business paper is only for 1 or 2 day use hence after 1 or 2 days the document disseapears and the paper is re-usable. The system is clever becuase the printer for the documents doesn’t use ink, instead of it uses light to write on the paper. This means the paper can be encoded to fade at a certian time and additionally, the printer doesn’t need constant cartidge changes (although the life time of the laser isn’t mentioned). This means it essentially becomes a close loop process that can provide 40% of the paper needs at a business. The only problem I see with it, is what happns if someone takes notes on a piece of the paper or something like that? Are you going to give out light pens? and how to tell the difference between this paper and normal paper so you know which is markable? Perhaps the light pen idea wouldn’t be a bad idea, as the paper is scanned to fade the ink, it could encode the comments and add them to the original document.

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