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Move on says, "America bites Back”

It only took what 6 years, that’s not a bad amount of time to convince a populos or something, but in a way I feel like nothing has been accomplished. the same system of gerry mandered voting disctricts exists and congress should exercise their balance of power regardless of who’s president (expecially when the republican isn’t really republican). My point being, while we’re now likely to see accountability, the democrats won by virtue of what they are not, instead of winning be being what they are. What they are not is republican, what they are though is best not mentioned, because in reality they are almost the same. Looking forward to a revived Kyoto debate, maybe impeachment, a decent national health insurance plan, and I don’t know maybe a union of two getting somewhere, and Walmart being harassed etc. etc. But down the road, I’d expect another Bush and another 8 years and another voting scandal and another majority congress etc. But the reality of it is, the problem with American politics isn’t electing one bad president, it’s electing 350 assholes who don’t want to do anything about it.

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