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Our Friends From Frolix 8 + The Gospel of Phillip K. Dick

is essentially about race or perhaps the creation of superiorty and inferiorty in a society. I’ll skip the plot and get to the point, when the tables are turned on the new men “old men” i.e. normal humans aren’t much better to their new found inferiors as the new men were to them. They will put them in camps he keeps thinking. The novel has a few different meanings, the standardized tests test for culture thesis pops up, but more importantly Dick makes the point that building a society on intelligence certianly isn’t the best metric by which to judge man. After all, even the smartest man in the world is unable to predict Thors Provinni’s actions. Which brings us to our final point, after the world has been leveled only Provini remains with his new men and telephahty intack. Suggesting that only one messiah can survive at a time, or perhaps more importantly, that the gifted should struggle to provide equality or maybe he’s just a huge egoist and forget to have himself lobotmized by his slime?

The Gospel of Phillip K. Dick is a smal documentary available on the web concerning Dick’s life. It primarily centers on several pivotal events, a break in at his house, his obsession that an alien intelligence was communicating with him, and several other points. Like anyone really Dick had delusions and little granduer in his life time. Unsurprisingly he lived in a house with a bunch of druggies (I’d really like to see a documentary about a guy who lived in the sixities, did drugs, and then just became a lawyer or something at this point) and did drugs. He had a few beliefs that were out of the ordinary and worried about his own sanity (does anyone not worry about their sanity? today while walking around Taipei I passed a man with a mohawk and a suit who looked alaramed at my presence, I wondered if I was talking aloud as my mind argued some neurotic point etc.) The Gospel of Phillip K. Dick is a nice documentary, as a fan I enjoyed it, but as a fan I also felt like it wasn’t Dick enough it. It focused on the “rockstarisms” of Dick’s life his drug use, his bohemian lifestyle, his inevitiable base in California’s bay area scene, etc. All of which is to be expected, any man who has ever left an imprint on this life can be made into legend, I’d imagine Dick’s life was more often than not boring and his paranoia is quite often legendary, but was it really beyond the norm? I can’t leave my house sometimes with out intense anxiety attacks (in case you hadn’t guessed I’m pretty fucked up). What I would find more satisfying would be to hear friends and family reflect on how Dick’s morality inflected his life, how his intellectual voyage came into the daily, and finally something connecting his real life to his fictional ones. While the film made some movements in this direction, while we still have witnesses around, it would be nice to build a narrative around the man’s fiction and life and not just worship in the fact that he was, like many people, a funny man with firm convictions who never got his due. The later is implict in most people’s lives, after all no one will probably ever appreciate this blog until millions from years now it’s found to contain some of the first traces of post-modular nano-telematic inferential turtle fucking. Which of course will be all the craze by then.

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