Ideas: Parallel Molecular Computer

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Quantum Computers can do multiple calculations simaltenously becuase of entanglement,

“Suppose we have a black box that evaluates a
function f. The arguments of f (inputs) are either 0
or 1. The values (outputs) of f (which are also 0 or 1) are
either the same for both arguments (in which case f is
constant), or different for the two arguments (in which case
f is said to be ‘balanced’). We are interested in
determining whether f is constant or balanced. Now,
classically, the only way to do this is to run the black box twice,
for both arguments 0 and 1, and to pass the values (outputs of
f) to a circuit that determines whether they are the same
(for ‘constant’) or different (for
‘balanced’). Deutsch showed that if we use quantum states
and quantum gates to store and process information, then we can
determine whether f is constant or balanced in one evaluation
of the function f. The trick is to design the circuit (the
sequence of gates) to produce the answer to a global question
about the function (’constant’ or ‘balanced’)
in an output qubit register that can then be read out or measured.”

Hence is it possible for a biological system to behave similarly where action on one part of an entity effects another correalated entity? I suppose there are problems with this, after all quantum systems have the peculair properties of only having one measurable variable at a time, but it seems like the basic principle of two correalated bits calculating many answers to a question at once would be possible.

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