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Before I sleep, Bangkok quickly

This didn’t get published at the time, but showed up in my drafts today so publishing now.

Most people didn’t seem to get scammed the way I did, and when my friend Sheila arrived, suddenly I wasn’t being scammed anymore. Hence, groups help. Bangkok is centered in the middle of poverty (not as intense as Shanghai’s) and a growing cosmopolitianism (it’s chocked full of people from all over). On returning to Taipei it didn’t seem as glamorous or as friendly (although it is a good deal cleaner). Taipei is a giant concrete box and at times concrete can be used beautifully, but mostly it just screams of bordeom. As much as adobe defined the archiectural possibilities of native americans, concrete has defined what the world’s capable of building these days, but such rules do not define Bangkok, which is more akin to a city that’s been paved over and then sprung up again. Streets fester little holes where roots have begun to slink back, buildings spring large scale canopies of forest on them, abandoned buildings show all the signs of grafitti sans city ordinance. Bangkok is a vacation because it makes the acts of drinking, smoking, and travelling seem pleasurable regardless of what you do. It’s upscale areas are intensly elegant and it’s abudance of sins became a back drop for simply living after awhile. Have a few photos that will be up soon.

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