genocide theory

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Let’s say you have a group of people widely believed to be genetically inferoir, but not actively bigoted against. Said people grow up and begin to succeed and form higher socio-economic classes etc. But the popular perception of them as flawed never goes away, hence the people in question begin to become comfortable with their country with out realizing how widepsread hatred of them is, due to the fact that people experience people personally not often as groups. People continue to go about their day treating everyone equally, so and so is one of the good ones they say etc. This means that so and so never experiences the behavoir assigned to their group.  Hence so and so and his or her race is given a false sense of security and is perhaps surprised when the people in their country deicde to do away with them, even though they have no experienced much if any bigotry up to this point, becuase the society they belong to continues to believe in the inferiority of their group, they become at risk and killed by a seemingly sudden surge in a previously covert racism.

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