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A forgetfull Universe

Writes Seth Lloyd: “Flipping a bit transforms information: 0 gives to 1 and vice versa. It also preserves information: if you knew that the bit was 0 before the flip, then you know that it is 1 after the flip.”

Hence as long as something is simply black or white, binary, it is impossible to forget the opposing the position (provided you remember what the opposing position is).

100 equals 4 in binary 010 equals 2 and 001 equals 1. hence if we erase 4 we can have 100, 101, 110, 111, 010, 011, 001, 000 and I think that’s it. So when we step up from one bit to 3 bits we move from being able to recover information intrinsically to having only a 1 in 7 chance of finding the original message. But what if we could nail the 1 in 7 chance every time? Information would be perserved would there still be a transference? Does this mean that when we erase something, the original information is transferred only 6 out of 7 times? This is a niave question, I’m sure but it is interesting.

Why do complicated things allow themselves to forget, but simple things are condemned to remember? Are complexity and erasure part of the same process? Does the complicated algorithim necessarily need to forget, to drink a little to much, pass out, and wake up free from memory? Is this what allows information to mutate, to take on a life of it’s own? Are we in essence complicated becuase we can’t remember? Our memories go well beyond 3 variables in an arguement, does this mean we are always digesting memory to transfer it’s information away? Are we breathing becuase it enables us to free ourselves from information? Where do the memories in our neuronal circuits end up? My guess is the ass.

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