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Schools suck, but the hospitals are good

National school systems come and go in their ratings, but national healthcare in Canada has surprisingly turned out rather well and in other countries to. One reason for this might be the immedicacy of it. Children can’t vote hence their opinions on the actual experience of school have no weight in decissions on education, but the experience of going to the dentist or the hospital is one that effects people of voting age and hence it makes the voter feel more directly culpable for the quality of the servie they’re receiving. If it takes 2 months to see the dentist, you can be damn sure that you’re going to voice your opinion on that. In essence by putting their lives in their own hands, voters in socialized systems are ensuring that they always receive decent healthcare and that it’s an issue. On the other hand it’s also harder to judge the quality of schools, one teacher might be good, but the others might be bad etc. and education is not a life or death issue or even one as likely to leave cavities, as important as human capital might be, it only becomes a priority when the media begins to pay attention to it.

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