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One of the better aspects of the idea behind socialized healthcare is that is reaffirms what taxes are for in the first place: they redistribute income to make society less unequal, but if socialized healthcare is a bad idea (and in the U.S. it would be incredibly hard to implement due to the state structure, low government productivity, and that price caps destroy free market price signals, and most Americans already have decent healthcare, amongst other arguements), hence if someone wishes to win what seems to be a brewing debate in the U.S. you must answer the questions, well what should the U.S. be investing in? What are the proirities behind our taxes? Are they inline with what we want our society to be? To win you must answer the moral cause with a cause worthy of the former. What is a realstic and possible goal Americans could put their tax dollar to?
No more Taxes:

Alternative Markets like emissions trading have shown that stating a goal and then letting people get their by their own means works (except with Kyoto in Europe which is a bit flawed). What if we tried this for other goals though, such as every child in a country receiving an education better than such and such a standard. People and businesses would need to pay money untill the goal is met and then continue to pay when needed. People could fund schools, teachers, etc that meet their own needs creating a lot more diversity in the ways children would be educated. This would make the citizens of a country more accountable for the performance of it’s education system and also empower them to do something about it. I might add this would also let the concerned fund new iniaitives into education. The only problem I can immediately for-see is that it would also end up being paid for primarily by people who care about the issue, and a lot of people would never put a cent in etc. Although it’s possible those people might make up for it in another market, it might be needed to require people to pay such and such an amount every year etc. Bottom up planning instead of centralized.

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