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Climate Notes on economist survery of climate change

Just some stuff The Economist over-view of climate change which actually turned out to be rather interesting and to have some stuff in it I didn’t read in Hansen’s piece or in Gore’s movie.

”  ‘We didn’t want a system [kyoto carbon caps] in which the level was set by the budget deficit rather than by the cost of carbon’ ” said one BP executive. By making an emission trading scheme outside of the governmental  budget, it meant that the tax is tied directly to what it’s supposed be tracking, although as the summary notes industry did win a key battle it shouldn’t have: european polluters are given their vouchers for free and have profited well into the billions off of them.

“Not surprisingly, given both Chinese efficiency [did I mention the secretary at work takes ceistas?] and the amount of dirty industry in the country, two-thirds of the deals signed between January 2005 and March 2006, by value, were with China. Keen to keep hold of the cash for its own purposes, the Chinese government has slapped a 65% tax on HFC projects and is funneling the money into a ‘sustianable development’ fund. ‘Sustianable development!’ snorts a Chinese official, ‘it’ll be spent on infastructure.’ ”  So basically, if you want to fund a carbon reduction iniative, do it somewhere else… say India…

“The range of estimates of the cost of mitigating climate change is not quite as large as that of estimates of the damage caused by climate change.” So basically, the cost of destruction is actually higher than the cost of capping carbon emissions. Hence cost benefit analysis is now done.

I also did not know that sulpher-dioxide had been cooling the atmosphere before emissions markets did away with it years back.
Anyway is from September 9th – 15th 2006 The Economist. New New York review of books is out should get it and next week’s economist tomorrow… and maybe some exo-force legos too.

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