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Pharmaceutical Futures

Would it help reduce the cost of healthcare in the U.S. if hospitals created lists of what they need cured and agreed beforehand to buy at a certian point? Basically like a price cap, but with the hopsitals putting more weight on treatments they need now and less on smaller illnesses. If so much of prescription medicine consists of the advertising to let the consumer know it exists, making large scale lists which guarantee sales would take down the need for advertising hence reducing the cost of developing and marketing a drug. Something is slightly wrong with this idea somewhere, but it interesting that becuase the U.S. doesn’t have a centralized system for healthcare it actually increases the costs of drugs by making the companies have to advertise for them. What other markets could become silent and more focused on experts than just drugs?

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An Inconvenient Truth

was surprisingly good. well worth seeing. enjoyed it alot. Gore makes a good case not just for the cause for global warming, but for the commitment with which politicians can push for things. While I was familar with Jim Hansen’s summaries of global warming (and knowing them can be interesting) Mr. Gore’s slideshow and his affable self make him seem like a reasonable open minded man who would make an excellent president and advocate. In France political leaders are well known for their books, perhaps in the U.S. we could develop documentary as an essential part of the political process after all if video is going to the web the market for it is probably opening.

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