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Does immigration actually spur people to become wealthier? i.e. is it what drives people in the “lower” class to become “high” class? Aside from the obvious stuff like getting skilled immigrants or a bigger population.

A new teacher at my school is British and brought up the millions of Polish day laborers in England speaking of them enthaustically right after we Americans had hedged around the issue of Mexican labor. It was interesting to see someone make such a valid arguement for immigration and it also brought up class. While in the U.S. we don’t acknowledge class directly (it’s usually implied by race or these days location) the speaker here seemed to see it as obvious and essential (although if I’m understanding correctly many in England seem to have become classless) and it has advantages in that by seeing people as belonging to a certian class one no longer expects them to have the same views. i.e. class acknowledges the pluralism of society while making it obvious that a day-laborer would object to unrestricted immigration, while say a business consultant might not feel so threatened do to the level of education and other abilities required to fill their job.

Pacific Hurricanes are blown this way naturally by currents and winds due to the earth’s spinning, I’m told. One other factor might be the volcanic activity increases the ocean’s tempature increasing percipitation.

prediction markets (and no this isn’t a prediction market blog) will beat day trading becuase of their low overhead. 7 dollars a share for a contract is ridicilous (it’s 3.95 on BTW) and undermines the basic strategies that make day trading profitable, on the other hand meta-markets with smaller fees not only require smaller start up costs, but also allow you squeeze the spread more easily. Being able to buy at 52.0 and sell at 53.0 profitably on intrade is much better than buying at 52 and having to sell at 59 or more to make a profit, after all many stocks just middle around 2 – 3 points a day hence the difference isn’t enough to make a profit.

No ideas here are guaranteed to be original, but merely ignorant.

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