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SOAP Quickly

1. I’m not in the U.S. so I missed an apparently huge media blitz for this film.

2. SOAP is better than a parody. Parodies necessitate the subject of the film is savaged, SOAP on the other hand reveals in it’s own cheesiness with out forcing the viewer to become part of the ironic spectacle around the film. A parody parodies everything about a film with out regard to the viewer’s possible sympathies for elements of a genre, SOAP just takes itself less seriously than other films. It’s parts Speed and Anacando, was enjoyable the whole way through.

3. I didn’t hear the Ahab track that won that contest in the film.

4. Parts that would have been suspensfull and added to the horror film aspect were cut such as Samuel Jackson getting back from turning on the power amongst others.

5. At times it reminded of The Simpsons where Mel Gibson takes Homer’s advice and re-makes Mr. Smith Goes to Washington with the newsies dragging him out at the end.

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