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True in more than Medecine

“Over 50% of what a physician learns as s/he goes through medical school
is obsolete within less than a decade. This means that there needs to
be a paradigm shift on how the practitioner of medicine keeps their
knowledge current.”

from the Garnet predicts blog. They are suggesting that I.T. be used to institute continuing education services, but it is interesting in that this is true of more than just medicine, people in all fields such as education to engineering face shifting values, opinions, and practices on what the most effective way to do something is.

“Gartner is now seeing the emergence of the first ‘generation 3’
computer-based patient record systems. These include a critical mass of
capabilities in 6 or 7 key areas – clinical data repository, controlled
medical vocabulary, clinical decision support, workflow/business
process management, clinical documentation, computerized physician
order entry, and knowledge management.”

Perhaps making patient records available for Doctor’s to consult and ranking them in priority by the patient’s status would help. Other physicians could contribute their knowledge and some type of bonus could be given for Doctor’s who correctly diagnosis a patient. The same could go for education. Post report cards online and also reports.

p.s. I just mean that a lot of things change in education and other fields and that they need continuing education and other things not that I have an exact number like these guys do.

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