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A disturbing note

This one came from Hedge Street:

The WSJ reported that
publishers fill textbooks with pictures of fake disabled kids,
minorities and women, and ban images of barefoot African children or
Asian math students to meet strict state guidelines on political
correctness. Children learn that 85% of all people on Earth are
disabled black women, the best engineers come from Nigeria; Asians are
good at socializing not math, and white men, if they exist, cause
poverty, terror and other ills of the world. Harvard professors who
tossed Larry Summers studied from the same books? … After brokering
the truce, on Saturday France sent 19 soldiers to strengthen the UN
force in south Lebanon. Nineteen … Two UN agencies announced that the
ozone layer is recovering after decades of damage. The Escalade or the
Armada, which will it be?”

Yes, I know it’s a joke, but do we really care if text books are full of nice positive depictions of people? I mean it is possible that these images are intended for audiences aside from white people and hence could suggest identities and roles that the student doesn’t currently inhabit, or maybe they just depict a world far from reality? Also, give me a break on the Asian smart thing. I mean have you ever been to Japan? I’ve yet to meet a Japanese kid who didn’t drop out of college etc. I got a 21% drop out rate for Japanese in college and:

Among G-7 countries, the percentage of the 25- to 64-year-olds in 1992
for whom upper secondary education (roughly equivalent to high school)
was the highest grade completed was 60% in Germany, 53% in the United
States, 49% in the United Kingdom, 48% in Japan, 36% in France, 30% in
Canada, and 22% in Italy. When completion rates for upper secondary
education and higher education for 1992 were combined, the United
States, with 84%, ranked above all G-7 countries.”

So yes Asian people really do drop out of high school and college and many are also very social.

The remaining point of how white people cause terror and plague everywhere I do agree with their condecession, while obviously Europeans and Americans have caused some of the world’s bigger problems, they also were the force that brough the world together and have accomplished some of the most amibitious and benefecial projects to mankind so far.

p.s. the point of this post is that needles alaramism is on all sides of the political debate. Here we have one group of people taking extreme examples from textbooks.

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