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I saw SAW tonight on TV and actually thought it was a pretty good horror flick, but the ending sucked and that’s what brings up a good point. It’s quite easy to make a thousand convuluted linkages between people, and to even make these links stick by adding drama and plot twists. SAW is essentially one giant puzzle of motives and it makes good use of these to drag the plot along. Danny Glover as the cop for instance really does seem desperate and somewhat believable in the terror he shows, but the ending sucks becuase after such a highly detialed emphaisis on the character’s relations and the almost cartoon like levels of desperation they reach the ending fails to deliver the final twist that drags the twists to an adequate conclusion, which say Seven or The Usual Suspects did manage to do, the film draws you into a clock-like world that hits a bad note at the end. SAW suffers from a similar problem that I have, spending to much on the micro-elements and missing the meaning of the whole.

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