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  • Liquidity Providers are entities or individuals who trade on the Exchange for purposes other that complying with the CCX emissions reduction schedule, such as Market Makers and proprietary trading groups.

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my brain augusr 13th 2006

So for some reason I’ve been on this big fitting in thing as of late. For about 6 – 7 months now I’ve been scared to elicit political views, think in certian ways, etc. Bending my thoughts so that I can be more in line with other people I don’t understand. It’s a new project and one I rather don’t like and will probably dissipate with time, but at the moment my mind feels strung out as if it’s lost the confidence it once had and more importantly the drive that once drove it to accomplish so much… or little if you’re my parents. I no longer feel the sense of the definite etc. Being ok with yourself is saying you can’t move on, you do need some type of friction in your mind to keep you going. While we’ll say this is unhappiness, the reality of it is, standing still isn’t very pleasing either. We’re unhappy with ourselves becuase we need to move in some direction, we need to get better and to have no introspection. Anyway, the other night I was watching this British travel show on Oregon and when they get to these docks they find fishermen who are trying to scare away seals. Apparently this is an un-pc thing to do in Europe, to hurt animals and the implication is look at these rednecks in Oregon, but it represents a big problem, {edit: I’m striking this point, people are welcome to feel this way, my only problem is that a group of people are trying to make a living and are non-lethally trying to move animals from their land seems reasonable] if this type of touchy-feely-ness is considered sosphiticated in Europe it seems more like a form of degenercy than advancement. It shows that people have so come to beleive that they live outside of their environment that they’re not do something else. Granted I’m not sure throwing firecrackers at seals is a great thing to do (maybe someone needs to build a dock for the seals etc.) it seems like this extreme heding of one’s interests for the sake of “nature” is really ridicilous. I mean dude seals are dangerous those dudes bite people and they’re not terribly friendly either. It does bring up just how ridicilous we are. We live under heavy manors as the saying goes and while these manors in the U.S. might be heavier some places, they on the whole have yet to impede to the extent they have in Europe. [edit: this mythologies socialized healthcare, which is a bad thing, the reason we don;t have socialized healthcare is simply that it stangantes a market with inflexible institutions and also the cost-benefit anaylsis of it shows that it would require a rather large increase in taxation, after your insurance rate is different than a smoker’s rate etc.] When people talk about the moral implications of social healthcare I always find myself thinking you can afford healthcare and don’t pay for it, how is it moral for the rich to demand that everyone’s tax dollar benefits them equally? If you can’t afford health care it should be provided for you, but to demand that your minute contributions in the form of tax dollars comprise a whole system is just ridicilous. Give me a break, we can hardly afford medicare in the states and the fact is these are the glory days of medicine in which research soars and hence profits should skyrocket provided price caps don’t keep the R&D for some medicines from even reaching the rest of the world. I am sure the issue is more complicatedthan what I say, after all price caps from different countries work on sliding scales and it’s been shown companies overcharge the government for services, but it often seems the hallmarks of liberalism which have mysteriously become symbols of intelligence in the U.S. witchunt-a-thon I have probably imagined more than exists, is misleading and warping a debate more worthy of attention.
edit: was thinking about this today and I’m not sure how much of it I agree with. the feeling that socialized healthcare is the future is probably true, but it’s a future that hard to afford right now. if we can reduce the cost of health care so that governments can easily provide the program with out straining their budget it would make sense and work.

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