on crime and resale

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Does having a lot of markets that allow one to easily sell items anonymously increase crime? When you think about it, the u.s. is full of pawn shops and ebays and garage sales etc. We’re obessed with getting rid of things. On the other hand few second hand markets exist in Asia I can’t even find a used video game store outside of the Garak Market. The other day someone stole my bike and people steal scooter parts all the time in Taipei. Today a girl showed me the bike section on yahoo taiwan which is full of people selling cameras, bikes, etc. It does make you think, what if you had to sell on the black market and not on an open market like ebay? If you steal 2 TVs you can get rid of them on ebay that day. The evidence could be paid for and in another state before the crime is even comitted. Does ebay make being a criminal easier?

Second hand markets do exist both under freeways here in Taiwai and the numerous markets all over Asia. Asia does seem to have a lot of ways to sell your old stuff. For instance you can take an old motherboard to the electronics market here and sell your old AMD processor and motherboard (provided they work). I don’t know of any similar resale service to that in the U.S. (although I’m sure they exist somewhere out there). Also, stealing scooter parts is a really big past time in Taipei, hence somewhere out there there has to be a market for second hand parts possibly not just on the internet, but in the city itself too.

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