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Just won my first bid on intrade. Bet the dow would close -25 at 12 and at 12:00 it went from -22 to -26. Is there any skills to stock trading or is it just luck? On the other hand I have managed to hedge my bets on other markets. I sold some stock to people who left their positions open on a July 31st release date for the PS3. Yeah that was a pretty good bet to against =) It’s surpsing how addictive it is, but it’s also interesting in that the DOW isn’t a rational thing, while on a micro-level it might obey some basic rules of fluctuations on a macro-level it’s just basically chaos in fact it has a far more diverse spread than an actual random number generator. It does make one wonder if Stock trading has anything to do research and market know how and more with releazing the meta-strategies of manipulating the market itself for instance trolling for open bids from abandonned accounts, or sniping on a 12 p.m. bid at 11:59 etc. Strategies has less to do with business and more to do with the intricacies of the market itself.

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