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water skis by Simon McGee

This came in a spam mail today and I thought it was worth posting:

Woman, he said, with grand dignity, you forgit yus-sef; shu knowware Ive ben
swells I do. He lifted up his honest voice and cried aloud for joy. Most of the
company rolled upon thefloor in convulsions of laughter. and turned him upside
down and hebelched out a double handful of shot. The exhibition came to a close
by the chair overturning. Alecks ivories gleamed in the darkness as he
Hes talked mighty fine to me and Marann, answered Mrs.
The other
wastapping with his pencil upon the little shelf lying across the rail. said
Elder Brown, affectionately retaining theJews hand.
It was at this very nick,
so to speak, that Mr.
She triedevery conceivable method, but time hung
Hisnative activity found many more objects for its exertion than
before. Sorrels only half-way to the color of her top-knot, anit do seem like
red oughter to soot red. Well, now, I reckon youll laugh for some cause,you
Elder Brown was soberer at that moment than he had been for hours.
He saw
the elder zigzag along the street, and beheld him about to turna friendly
corner. Now here is one; pink silk, with delicate pale bluefeathers. Like to
oblige you, but cant right now; will fix it for you lateron.
Elder Brown held
it out, upside down, at arms-length.
In course I shall talk up for the house
whensomever andwharsomever I go or stay.

and then the images with the ad. etc.

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Things I’m betting on on News Futures

Democracts will pick up seats in 2006

8 shares for at 90 each.

Avain Flu in EU before US
8 shares at 87 each. I also think that Avian flu won’t reach the EU at all unless Turkey is admitted.

Nikkei goes up July 31st again
5 at 80 something. Think the Nikkei will keep going up in small increments on Monday. Of course if this means New York time or Tokyo does make a difference.

No military action against Iran in 2006
I think it was 6 at 80. I don’t military action will occur against Iran in 2006, I think Israel-Lebanon, Afghanistan, and Iraq will continue to soak up the violence for the foreseeable future.


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