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Fictions: NGO and Grant Stock Market — Distributed neural network for day trading

This is an idea that’s been kicking around in my head for awhile.

A website that let’s people pool funds to create NGOs and grants.
I.E. you put up like 5 bucks, someone else puts up 5 bucks

all for a common cause that an existing NGO doesn’t support.

So yeah know if you wanted to create a car share service for the poor,

or fund research into alternative energy. Contributions could also be sent to

a fund and returns split evenly by the contriburions hence the scale of the projects would create a larger fund with the possibility of scaling up returns.

This originally was two different ideas, one in which people could contribute money towards scienteific prizes yeah know like a solar panel that’s competitive with coal or create grants for research they would like to see, applicants entries would evaluated on and voted by contributors to the fund. The other beingĀ  one for NGOs.

Another idea is a neural network that one hosts on one’s server and which links with other neural networks to create a large distributed network of stock trading algorithims. These algorithims could then take advantage of having multiple accounts working in unison, borrowing from each other from shorts, and sharing information. I.E. one big mind operating on several different stock markets. Whoever installs the software on their server would need to pay the initial fees to start their own account, but the network could then help recoup the costs of the server hence sites that have trouble making it just off advertising or commerce could have an alternative form of income. Additionally, the neural network could let you invest money via credit or debit hence making setting up a money market account even easier. Perhaps it could also post your profits and losses to your blog automatically.

p.s. no one on intrade would take my bet on the nikkei going up. Bastards, I could have made some money at your expense =)

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More on Porn

The problem with pornography isn’t the explotiation of women. The fact of the mater is women enjoy sex and some enjoy performing. The problem comes in it’s approach to the subject of women. In porn not only is the male substracted, but the act becomes something it hardly ever is in reality, eroticism for erocticism’s sake. Or maybe I’m just one totally unattractive dude =)

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