the girls

July 25, 2006 at 1:36 am Leave a comment

next door are racist. I have never talked to them and they blockade the door to the porch. After the landlord talked to them, they said they wouldn’t blockage the door anymore. They still do. They now unplug my aquaruim. It’s possible that like Yuki this is perhaps a man thing. Once, a few months back I looked at one with desperation as she left for a night out. She ran, but more likely these bitches are just crazy. It’s funny how after a lifetime of lustfull looks I finally give a minimal one, a small one, and the repercussions are 10x more servere than normal. What is wrong with women here? I have shown no interest in them since. They do not speak English that I know of, but when they try and kill my fish I just feel like screaming at them. What types of bitches do this? Suddenly, I beleive stories of racism in the U.S. It only takes one deranged asshole to try and convince someone to leave. It’s just fucking ridicilous.


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