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Quick Notes: New Supermario + more qoutes + music

Will be posting my usual compenduim of qoutes in the next week. Got stuff ranging from Jim Hansen’s opus on climate change to London Review of Books on Walmart.

Anyway, before I fall asleep and hope that my migraine headache goes away, wanted to briefly mention the following.

New Supermario is ok. The multiplayer levels are rather good and fun, but the single player somehow feels more like a ROM hack than a real game. There’s a few new play dynamics like a turtle shell and a big mushroom, but for the most part it’s not that great. Comparatively Super Princess Peach is actually better. Why? Well mostly becuase Nintendo couldn’t make the minimalism of Mario work for them. Having played peach and played with her special moves, it just feels like a more fleshed out game on the other hand New Supermario is like a slow evolution of SNES Supermario World minus the unique aspects of Yoshi’s Island or Peach. That’s really the problem here, the game feels tacked on, adding a couple new super moves (especially the power gamer-esque super-super mushroom) really devalues the game. Less emphaisis on following the obvious extensions of Mario’s original powers and more on providing new play dyanmics (ala SM3) would have helped. After all SM World distinguished itself by replacing SM3’s suits with an expanded repetoire of basic moves needed to progress through each level, New Super Mario just makes you feel like you’re cheating when you get really big, and like you’re flying when you’re really small. I would have liked a game that made Mario more interactive and perhaps personable, similar to the sunny and new found respect one has for Peach afterwords, but this is reading a little to much into Mario, the game begins with a Koopa simply scooping the princeness and running, a premise so simplistic that the game makes you aware of just how far stories have come, the levels so far are rather good, but at times it just feels like more of the same. The graphics are nice though. The multiplayer fucking rocks. It’s really unbelievably good, you run around trying to bop the stars out of the other player while making tracks through the levels, stars randomly appear (usually by the losing player) and the power ups make more since, for instance the guy I was playing was doen 5 to 1 with the game set for 6 stars, when that last star fell he suddenly got a super-super mushroom and proceeded to crush all 5 stars out of me. Hence what doesn’t work in the confines of the traditional game, works better in multiplayer. Years ago I dreamed of making a multiplayer Cyber-Lip and Blues Adventure (man was that a good game) finally Nintendo has begun to reign in on the possibilities of 2D in the internet era.

I’m compiling a mix CD for a friend of mine. Anyway, here are some recent dancey electronic tracks I’ve found that are good: sergej auto – big city freak out, Bugz in the Attic – Booty La La Booty, Peter Grummich almost anything, Bodycode – Hands Free Computer Interface, Der Zug Der Kraniche_ Boten De

the point of the mix is to make something that’s not idm and a little but on the housey side, so beware of these soulseek recommendations.

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