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July 9, 2006 at 3:21 pm

A letter to Peter Barber

“Hey Man,

Have you been kidnapped be the N. Koreans? Did you read Lisa
Blanning’s article in this months Wire? Last page check it out. Steve
G. says “hi”. He is off line until Sept. We are a little curious about
you’re silence.


hey pete,

mostly been busy. I actually never meet Lisa, but I did write for
sonomu briefly.
BTW check this out:
There’s also video from the 80s up there too if you
search around. Anyway, nah haven’t been to North Korea
yet actually, was considering getting a tourist visa for
ponyang, but don’t think I have the cash. Might be heading
down to Thailand and then Myanmar in August when
I have a vacation. Going to be in Taipei here in Taiwan till
August 2007 and then moving to Japan. Been gardening a lot as of late
got all sorts of shit these days like these weird Taiwanese swamp based
plants, some orchids, some mangoes, some durians, some lychees,
and others along with vines, flowers, and a growing collection of
assorted thrifted pots and pans (built this cool pot out of an old
pressure cooker the other day). My landlord is a german
berliner type i.e. a hippie
who has to constantly comment on the lastest in organic farming
while dispensing socialist tips on the failure of the american poverty state
so it an odd way it’s probably a lot like living with Matt Gourney.
I am joking about my landlord, he doesn’t dispense tips on the failures of the
american poverty system.
Anyway, nothing much going on music wise. Picked up some cool Karou
Abe cds the other day and some tokyo based improv, haven’t really
checked much out in Taipei. Meet a nice little indie band the other
day who make addictive little electro-indie songs, but there isn’t the
free-ish improvised folk music of Seoul (there’s some bands there
worth checking out playing trad korean instruments in jazz
arrangements that can be blarringly loud and amazing along with some
rather good composers that do music for the Park Chan Wook films and
also a dedicated turntablist scene that’s been competing in the DMC
comps recently) on the other hand Taipei’s film scene seems to be
rather amazing Ming-Liang Tsai and this guy Hung Hung seem to be
making decent films. Not sure if the package ever arrived (I’d be
surprised if it did), but I mailed probably about 20 – 30 Asian DVDs
to Stardust a month or so back… well more like 2 or 3 now. Anyway,
hope things are ok in Orlando. Did anyone ever get around to declaring
themselves non-profit? if not, that needs to happen. You can set up a
paypal shop and auto charge credit cards for monthly donations these
days pretty easily. Oh yeah Thuja which is a cali-based back to nature
type of collective (they’re part of the jewelled antler collective
along with the unabashably sixties like Sky Green Leopard Band) put
out a decent CD of laid back tonal improvising that’s worth checking.
Otomo Yoshihide’s Tail’s Out is probably one of the best CDs I’ve ever
heard (their cover of Song for Che is amazing along with an electronic
take on Mingus) and if you haven’t heard the No Neck Blues Band
EmbryoNNCK is surprisingly really good as is Intonomancy.
music blogs worth checking:
the last one is in japanese, but the titles are in english.
anyway, hope things are ok in Orlando.

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