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Missing links

Flock has been messing up when logging into del.icious so here are my links from the past few days.

  1. Campaigns Wikia – Central Campaign Wikia

    it’s getting more interactive per day

    to politicssaved by 190 other people … on july 7

  2. How “American” Is Globalization?: Books: William H. Marling

    it’s all politics

    to politics … on july 7

  3. Commuter Cars

    another electric car

    to greensaved by 82 other people … on july 6

  4. my Kiva loan is out

    glasses business in cambodia.

    to finance … on july 6

  5. StarSight | a new kind of utility – Home

    another power utility.

    to greensaved by 8 other people … on july 6

  6. WorldChanging:
    Tools, Models and Ideas for Building a Bright Green Future: WC Retro:
    Eco-Literacy and American’s ‘Nature-Deficit Disorder’

    this olde worldchanging post is quite humbling. who cares about obesity, when environmental education is so lacking?

    to politics green … on july 5

  7. STM Power

    power company.

    to greensaved by 7 other people … on july 5

  8. Summer of Green :: Orlando

    to la_town_de_O … on july 5

  9. Welcome to Tesla Motors

    yup, that’ll do it. GM goes down, a new one is born.

    to carssaved by 20 other people … on july 5

  10. YouTube – Santo Gold

    i got no sound, but it looks funny.

  11. JAMA — Abstract: Actual Causes of Death in the United States, 2000, March 10, 2004, Mokdad et al. 291 (10): 1238

    when I actually clicked on the link for the research it turns out that
    some of the causes of death they list aren’t the leading ones.

    to politics … on july 5

  12. The Six Most Feared but Least Likely Causes of Death

    I’m number #1 in the most likely category.

    saved by 119 other people … on july 5

  13. Emancipating Slaves, Enslaving Free Men: A History of the American Civil War: Books: Jeffrey Rogers Hummel

    genuinely very interesting.

    to politics south … on july 5

  14. J Music Podcast & Free Download Site – FG Forums

    to music … on july 4

  15. The War Tapes

    soliders get cameras and do stuff.

    to iraqsaved by 73 other people … on july 4

  16. Kiva

    finally used my kiva credit today on this guy. anyway, hopefully he won’t default =)

    to kiva … on july 4

  17. YouTube – 実写版 コメットさん OP

    more mixtures of animation and live action.

    to japan … on july 2

  18. zords

    there’s a heavy emphaisis on zords which is good.

    to japan … on july 2

  19. YouTube – バンパイヤ OP

    I don’t know either.

    to japan … on july 2

  20. Fidelisharium

    damn… ok so he’s got brazilian airline music and … damn…

  21. yoto-kaimasu! – Pierre Henry & Michel Colombier – Messe Pour Le Temps Présent

    the whole thing on rapid share.

    to music … on july 1

  22. :: Daniel W. Drezner :: Your summer books for 2006!!

    focused on Drezner’s research/professional concerns, but it’s
    interesting none the less. why does Daniel repeat his name twice in the
    title of the page?

    to mediasaved by 1 other person … on july 1

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