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June 13, 2006 at 3:19 pm


photo by Jeff Harris.
Having been removed from anything near indie for almost well… basically 2 years it’s funny to look through myspace and find the 1600 new bands poppping up in Orlando… or Utah… or L.A. and the way most of them while fun are pretty much what came before, but it’s also interesting in that all of them spurt off little absurdisms and other humorisms that imply they have a keen sense of humor and a little heart. It becomes a tad atrocious after 6 – 7 spins through bands to find just how keenly they are all preening from creativity, something which they have, but as much as the creative isn’t defined by the non-creative as in occidental philosohpy, for us Westeners it’s always gotta be a form. That form has several innate characteritics. Childishness, absurdity, and energy. The person generally wears black, has glasses, and likes bands. They’re usually just out of college. It’s funny to realize though, just how many of these people they’re are. The average band I find on myspace has around 2000 song hits, not bad for a local with no label. In the U.S. “creative” culture is usually defined as a counter-measure to some phantom assembly of less creative types, but if such is the case, they seem to be in short supply these days. I find myself increasingly more attracted to the mundane. Creativity in my dress is rather boring and Cindy Sherman’s original self-portraits came from experiencing the blistering individualism of seventies New York. I remember seeing a photo of David Byrne once (who’s always managed to punch a certian loop-hole in the creative stop gap of Americana) posed next to a brick fire place in a beaten down house that seems to come from the ends of suburbification. Such spots are increasingly rare, but perhaps we have something to learn from them. After all the myth of America is the individual, and if burning competition is driving a reach towards greater individualism (take japan for instance and Cat Street in Harajuku) then the experience of not being individual becomes all the more precious. It will probably be the first person to figure out how to bottle such an experience into media that will make millions and be the “creative” millionare of the next generation. Anonymonity is perhaps the individual of the future’s click and soak.

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