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More Little Reviews -> V for Vendatta and Primer

V for Vendetta

I didn’t like The Matrix, but the second I guess intellectual property fiacso from the producers of the matrix is a pretty good movie. I don’t remember most of Alan Moore’s work having the coherency of this film, but it was edited down to two hours that sensically convey a story that’s timed about right for the big screen. In other words it’s focus on a small group of people and use of additional actors to convey the general populos works. We stayed removed from having additional stories, while V and Evey’s stories become to intertwine. V is basically a fable that affirms a commitment to people’s common sense and ability to rise over adversity. They also blow a lot of stuff up.


I finally managed to see this one, and rather liked it although to be honest I found the plot a little overwhelming and then underwhelming when it began to make sense. I like that the character feels so divorced from himself that he’s willing to run off with the knowledge that allowed his own creation. Primer is interesting becuase it’s incredibly humane, it doesn’t feel propersterous, the weight of the character’s invention and the incredibly small movements of ego that build and build to a climax that’s worth seeing is what makes it so incredibly compelling. That their own curiousity drives them to a conundrum that’s resolution is paradoxical and perhaps overly complicated is met in the hands of characters that are surprisingly believable. I’m a little dissapointed that Shane Carruth‘s name doesn’t show he’s in production of another film right now.

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Reviews -> As She Climbed Across The Table and Sometimes You See It Coming

Short reviews:

As She Climbed Across the Table

By Jonathan Lethem

A send up of West coast academia which features the “inter-dean” a main character who studies academia (and quite humorously manages to convince a group of student protestors of the futility of their p.c. cause) is in love with a physicist. Her physcist girlfriend in turn falls in love with “lack” an experiment gone array. Anyway, after a panel discussion lack exhibits some remarkably personal qualities such as a distaste of certian objects and on the other hand a sucking up of other objects. Anyway, to make a long story short the inter-dean loses his girlfriend to the void. All in all a book that deals with the quantum logics of both coupling and physics rather well, it would have been better were it not for the slight annoyance of having a main character who’s personality at times seems grating, but it’s a clever book with a clearly light-hearted critique on the nature of academia.

Sometimes You See It Coming

by Kevin Baker

It’s a book about baseball written by a historical reseacher with similar to Luc Sante’s field of gotham fetishism. This book reminds me of why I’m tired of English at times, it’s character is quite intentionally a figment of Americana, a kinda stoical commited man who rises from abuse and a family farm. What are other conceptions of masculinity after all? The book is primarily narrated by an African-American on the eve of the sixties liberation and black power movement and “the old swizzle head” is the best commentator in the book providing both humor and the shadow of his own perhaps equally great game.


Bought the Karel Zeman box set today with Baron Prasil and also got a lot of CDs. Surprisingly the Thuja CD by jeweled antel collective is OK, the Modul.Isol which is Donnacha Costello’s moniker for raster-norton is ok. Might add Midoria Harumi’s new tracks on myspace (think it’s are pretty good. Also got EmbryoNNCK, but haven’t listened yet. Enjoying Thuja right now. BTW Naruto 4 for the DS kinda sucks, but perhaps gets better in multiplayer. Zeman box set is pretty cool, but only subbed in Japanese, no English. Also picked up Don Cherry Symphony for Improvisers, Kaoru Abe Last Date, Machine Gun, and Cian Ethrie.


Orchids continue to do well. Have a set outside that are growing well in Taipei’s humidity and rain. My mango seed has sprouted which is a surprisingly beautiful plant. My flowers aren’t doing as well most of the seeds haven’t grown and I’m convinced the Taiwanese company selling cactus seeds is just marketing fungus spores. Have a large aquatic plants pot now with fish too which is doing ok. Unsure on if the plants need more direct light or less (a few are wilting a little).

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