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Angel’s Egg

Angel's Egg 

Just finished Mamuro Oshii's Angel Egg which is arguably his most interesting film. Like Anno, Oshii's movies are morally vague. We're dropped into a world in which we have little information in which to guide our moral principles. You could perhaps see this as culturally a sense of alienation as Japan grappled with the actions of the U.S. post WWII, or perhaps a sense of modern alienation provided by the rise of boom times Japanese culture. Regardless, the film is compelling becuase we are left with no real clue as to how to pity. Tragedy is open to interpretation in Oshii's films and like Ghost in the Shell (I remember standing at the cineplex when I was 15 to see it) the story is an open question rather than a closed statement condemening or praising the subject at hand. Regardless, Oshii's absence of definite points is perhaps further accentuated not just by the characters alienation (the girl and the solider are possibly the only two living characters in the film), but by their inability to communicate. I'm actually drawing a little from the telethesia concept I've been reading about in Gam3r 7h30ry, but it seems like part of what makes these stories dramatic, is that they no longer have the instant communication or ability to draw on a plurality of interpretations to make a place for themselves in their world. Past of Angel's Egg's sadness is the way in which the characters have lost the immensity of history with which we now live. Angel's Egg is a simple story of betrayl made all the more poignant for being encased in an alienation we sometimes crave. Torrent here.

June 6, 2006 at 7:13 pm


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