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Henry Paulson links

Was made nominated (I keep forgetting these government things take time and hearings) Treasury Secretary yesterday. Links: The Economist, Jane Galt, USA Today interview from 2004, NPR speech and bio, Political Donations, a PAC he contributes too, source watch for TomPac(very little to report), Greg Mankiw's brief note, conservative blogger Daniel Drezner who predicted that Bush couldn't find an A-List Wall Street job for the type announces the news, and a news article from FT on it.

Basically, Paulson was the CEO of Goldman Sachs currently the most profitable and riskiest investment company in the world. Subject of a recent economist front page story on the culture of risk. He's pretty straight line republican, did give money to the Idaho democracts, Bill Bradley (along with Woody Allen too apparently) and a few scatter shot democrats, but primarily republicans… but what do you expect? Paulson also worked for Nixon's administration, graduted with a B.A. in English, and shows all the signs of a goodly liberterian leaning republican. Jane Galt remarks he doubts he will get the time to make much of an influence unless a major event occurs soon, but seems like a good pick. He also marks the second Goldman Sachs CEO to venture into politics, the last one is now in the Senate. Henry's tenure might be influential after all, if he can be confirmed

p.s. wikpedia on what the treasury secetary guy actually does. He has no direct powers except when it comes to issueing money, in other words he advises the president and is dependent on the president to introduce his legislation and endorse it.

Paulson is also a conservationist and pro-Kyoto.  

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