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Something that sucks about

Today I seached for middle eastern music by country name.

putting in Iraq gives you a steady stream of truly awful political let’s take some clips from Bush and make some awful techno stuff. I was really hoping for some actual music from the region or even Iranian oh god, now I’m on Egypt which sounds like a metal meets the residents type of thing this is arguably not as bad Cradle of Faith Lovecraft and Witchcraft? Maybe I sould just put in GWAR? Ok and then track 2 is more political techno music, aww man… this next track is truly awful. I mean there’s bad and then there’s… this. Pakistan and Iran come with with not enough for a station. Saudia Arabia same thing, maybe Turkey nope nothing… Syria.. nothing… Oman… nothing. When I search for Arab i get a bunch of awful techno again, but at the very least it might be awful Arabic techno-pop not sure. Yeah this Yahir thing sounds… spanish or french? India percussions and then techno… and then Susheela Raman  who here actually sounds a little Brazilian, this is rather good, but I beleive Indian. And then some actual casio keyboards with ouds middle eastern music. Now here is what’s annoying. has obviously put in a lot of work to build up a decent catalog, but I mean you still can only explore so far… I might add a lot of their world stuff sucks. The Cheb Mami Dylan cover is kinda weird. Cosi Celeste
. Anouar Brahem sounds like the middle eastern Kenny G the sooth oud only goes so far. It’s title is in French no less. The same goes for African music which is primarily not seperated by country, and has the usual hey let’s throw in a downtempo british track for no apparent reason. Baaba Maal’s Urban Africa Now has a nice intro as did some russian composer that came up.

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