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teenage malaise and link feeds

This is a quick note: when I first stated the using the internet… well really using I played a mud once on ARPnet at my dad’s office, but that doesn’t count… everyone seemed convinced that the internet would somehow lessen social phobias and that the a-social would somehow flock to it in order to avoid life. This is fairly untrue though, as communities have grown to thousands of people drama has evolved to a new whole new level. You can’t post on any major blog with out getting flamed, people seek each other out sometimes for embittered arguements, and other times just to make fun of other people, my point being instead of our skins getting softer as we got anonymous, the anonymous have become another source of the pains of any social life. If you were scared of public presentation before, well now you are on public display and posting to large communities can be an even more over-whelming experience than a simple speech. Edward Castranova recently remarked that drama is a sign of success in MMORPGS. If you can make a game compelling enough that people will actively seek out people they don’t like for company or raids etc. then you’ve definitely suceeded in making a game that will go far. Far from appealing to the introvert, the iternet favors extroverts to supply it’s content although wall flowers can still stick to just reading blogs and cruising their e-mail. The only major problem is, you can’t choose your company, who knows what asshole will find this blog post? Thanks technorati =)

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