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  • I’m starting to like Fukuyama… no way: “Your provocative new book, American Vertigo, begins with an attack on the thoughtless European anti-Americanism that has become rampant since the Iraq war, and argues persuasively that the only antidote for it is
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  • Taipei arts space
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The Geography of Thought Further: Mothers

It's nearing mother's day and my bushiban is gearing up for celeberating the maternal anyway, it occured to me today is the Asian love of mothers Nesbitt found in his studies due perhaps to the severity of Asia's fathers? My students were asked to write journals about their families, most of which reported abuse from their fathers. One child's gameboy was destroyed by his Dad becuase he wanted him to do homework and others report hitting etc. None of this is especially shocking, I grew up getting beaten for various offenses before I was deemed mature enough to have my behavoir curbed by grounding (which doesn't really work). But the difference I'm seeing is a clear division along the lines of sex in punishment. Women don't beat their children, on the other hand my mother had no problem spanking me. Also, children in Asia definitely 100% go through "rebelious" phases where they have their own ideas and opinions and challenge their parents, but they do seem to have a more unified sense of family. I hardly talk to mine. Anyway, we're making papercraft cards with word bubbles. Joyce is preparing trees. The Geography of Thought is available on amazon. If you happen to be an anthropologist from the netherlands studying japanese sub-cultures, you never e-mailed me back about Nesbitt's book.

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