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update on biology

and apparently a lot of that last post was false =)


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biological indicators of neuronal problems

apparently cell death in the brain through Apoptosis has been linked to the experience of something “blowing” your mind i.e. being inconceivably confused at the complexity of a subject. In other words, we become dumber at times becuase portions of our brains die and regrow leading to changes in perception etc. The other day I was at the Chang-Kai Shek Memorial Hall and the immensity of the story overwhelemed me. This has been a fairly common occurence since the orlando days with my brain just phasing out of commission and back in (today I was playing counter strike and the amount of effort that went into the level amazed me). Not drifing out, but complete neuronal freeze in which the enormity of an issue just appears to be to much to me. Like any other human being, I am trying to ignore it, to get better, but it beckons the questions is this partially biologically? Cells break down due to a excess of hormones. wether it’s ingesting drugs, to much sex, or running to much, stressing your brain with heavy hormone usage can actually damage it. Everything in moderation I suppose. For awhile I’ve felt a need for a vacation while keeping busy. Is this a simulatenous need to develop new neuronal pathways while reducing the hormonal output that might have stressed them into descrution to begin with? Probably not. It’s probably physchological, and believe it or not our brains contain enough information to regrow what we need.


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