the fun of roommates

April 19, 2006 at 3:13 am 2 comments

OK, I confess you,
I everyday think I don’t more like you than yesterday step by step.
And finally,I don’t wanna live with you.

You said “It was not big deal”
No,it was not.
But you didn’t leave me in spite of my saying,
and you posted on my blog.
you make uncomfortable.
You make me dislike you.

If you think you are not wrong,I am not right,
It’s impossible we can talk like before.

I never understand you.

I do not want to live with you ANYMORE.

This is from a girl who I asked, “can I kiss you?” one night.
She said no. Life went on as usual until I translated her music blog.
Below a post about Burt Bacharrach was a little mention that since the other
night she has felt uncomfortable around me. While it is true that crushes do not
go away immediately her solution was to not talk to me becuase I posted an apology to her blog.
I didn’t talk to her except on one occasion I asked her a question and on another I asked if she knew anyone who
wanted to teach english at my school. Since then, in rather uncharatestic me style, I
have moved on to another girl who I am kinda hanging out with. Tonight I answered her
question: Why did you post that publicablly? This was her reply.


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  • 1. photosynth  |  April 18, 2006 at 9:18 pm

    Korean Grrls are Tough to Grok

    I tried kissing a cute one out here in LA. (Lots of em in K-town.) Met this one on the set of a PSA I shot for the state of california. She was SO much fun and SO cute and smart and occasionally rather warm, so i took her out to dinner and smoked a joint with her and invited her to my house, all on different days.

    After what could be called 3 “dates”, I tried kissing her, but she was unresponsive. We talked and she seemed more embarassed about her own lack of feeling than anything else. We had fun together, so we continued hanging out. Another dinner date, another smoke, and i tried to kiss her again. No spark. Any normal guy would have dropped it. I didnt.

    One more talk, less apologetic on her part, and were “friends” again. Another date, another joint, another failed kiss, this one precluded by a line from her that I have never heard from a Woman.

    “Alright, I’ll kiss you ONE more time, but if its the same as the last times, then it’s the Last time.”

    needless to say, it was.

    no fault of my own, I put all the cuban passion I had in that kiss, it simply wasnt in the cards.
    The chemistry wasnt there.

    Regardless of chemistry though, Korean Grrls are Very Complex. Arguably too complex for me.

    so to sum up this post, “I Feel You”

    have been thinking about you quite a bit lately. now that i’m leaving LA, i’m considering every overseas option there is. Nigeria is looking too unstable for me. Korea seems less third world, current politics aside.

    any suggestions? Websites to check for jobs? any advice at all?



    • 2. dignifieddevil  |  April 18, 2006 at 10:23 pm

      Re: Korean Grrls are Tough to Grok

      it’s actually a woman from Japan, but your korean girl story is pretty normal. As long as you don’t breach certian types of conduct they’ll keep going along with things. It’s weird.


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