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Edward L. Glaeser on Sarasota

Edward L. Glaeser on The Rise of the Creative Class

from Marginal Rev. 


"In fact, a closer look at the data tells us that the Bohemianism effect is driven entirely by
two metropolitan areas: Las Vegas, Nevada, and Sarasota, Florida. These are the two
“Bohemian” centers that drive the relationship. The fifth regression repeats the fourth
regression with these two metropolitan areas. Excluding those two cities means that the
college variable becomes quite significant, and bohemianism becomes irrelevant. Given
that I will never believe that either Las Vegas or Sarasota stand as stellar examples of
, I will draw another conclusion from these regressions: skilled people are
the key to urban success."

Ed has obviously never been to Sarasota, FL.

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the fun of roommates

OK, I confess you,
I everyday think I don’t more like you than yesterday step by step.
And finally,I don’t wanna live with you.

You said “It was not big deal”
No,it was not.
But you didn’t leave me in spite of my saying,
and you posted on my blog.
you make uncomfortable.
You make me dislike you.

If you think you are not wrong,I am not right,
It’s impossible we can talk like before.

I never understand you.

I do not want to live with you ANYMORE.

This is from a girl who I asked, “can I kiss you?” one night.
She said no. Life went on as usual until I translated her music blog.
Below a post about Burt Bacharrach was a little mention that since the other
night she has felt uncomfortable around me. While it is true that crushes do not
go away immediately her solution was to not talk to me becuase I posted an apology to her blog.
I didn’t talk to her except on one occasion I asked her a question and on another I asked if she knew anyone who
wanted to teach english at my school. Since then, in rather uncharatestic me style, I
have moved on to another girl who I am kinda hanging out with. Tonight I answered her
question: Why did you post that publicablly? This was her reply.


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