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Me Personally April 13th 2006

I’m beginning to see that coming to Asia wasn’t a bad idea.
Teaching constantly you begin to work with concepts in a new way.
While I once beleived that museumification was the basis of much
of the problem in the world, I’ve now come to the idea that perhaps
simplicity and systems aren’t the end of though. In fact the modelling
of a way of thought doesn’t necessarily mean the end of it, it quite
often is an opening. Systems have the ability to sustian themselves, but
they also have the ability to become more than just sustianability, they
can in essence live. Once we begin categorizing our thoughts we are inherinitly
moving away from the deconstructionist space, but are we moving towards stagnation
or rather the ability to build with out encompassing interestingness as something passe.
I also think I’m closer to girlfriend-ism, i.e. the ability to actually talk and hang out
with peope long enough to develop a relationship. I will have to be warry to avoid the
pitfalls of instant marriage to the first one that comes along. Perhaps I’ve read to
much economics as of late, but their categorical relationships don’t bother me
as much as the utility of the thought is appealing. On another note I’ve come to the
following conclusion: people have children becuase they want to play with children.
If it was socially acceptable for a lawyer to play with 5 year olds, the fertility rate
would go down. We are after all breeding our next playmates. Children around 6 years old
are the best, but after or around middle school they start to suck (to much TV and pop culture
for my taste). Additionally, I don’t think I’m as much of a slob anymore when it comes to people
I am building relationships that are more than passing moments in at a show, these are
“friends” friends, the types that other people apparently have. On another note I have managed
to alienate one of my roommates and am listening to jazz and emo-ish stuff these days. I’m also
not as into music, not keeping up with much of anything and just listening to what comes along.
I am abour 1/3 of the way through Ray Kurzweil’s The Age of Spirital Machines and I find it boring.
He doesn’t reveal much of anything new, and I find his optimism to be as grating as Feymann’s.
Both had utopian dreams of the future and have done well, but you to wonder, do they have to stick
to base instinct? Feymann’s books always bothered me becuase he lacks a philosophical base, he’s to
scientific, while some like Steven Strogatz can manage to find a point in a nickle of math’s based
calculations and also reveal a startingly eclectic sense of self, Kurzweill is knocking his head against
optimism at all times. Can I change anymore? I don’t know. Reconsidering the Japan move, feel a bit more
fueled for building real stuff i.e. programming etc. Teaching english is getting old.

kind regards,

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