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Nostalgia: Houston

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reaganhead, originally uploaded by Cheap Click.

For awhile now, I’ve been feeling a strange need to revisit places I’ve lived. Anyway, it’s been 10 years since I was in Houston. I came close last year to returning for a day, but never did. I mostly felt isolated in Houston I think, but I also was like 13 when I lived there and most people feel that way. This is a picture of a Ronald Reagan head in Houston, it’s funny becuase I remember my dad telling me Reagan devalued the American currency so much his commenterative coin should be printed on cardboard. There’s a lot about Houston I didn’t know then that I’ve learned from sidelong glances at the occasional article, it did not have zoning codes for awhile making it a libertarian (or Regean-ee) dream while the bane of any urban planner anywhere you could consider it the anti-portland. At the same time, I think that’s part of the charm of Houston, that it mixes big business and the ability to rezone your house into a bar into one urban environment. I wonder how much of it has become skyscraper since I left.

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Otomo Yoshihide’s New Jazz Quintet — Tails Out

picked this up yesterday it’s on diskunion in japan.
basically Otomo now playing guitar doing covers of standard jazz tunes
(cover’s Haden’s Song for Che and Mingus’ Orange was the Color of Her Dress) etc.
Basically the usual experimental dude decides to become melodic as he gets older.
Not as spirited as Damu Fuwara’s total and complete shredding on Don Cherry, but
it’s also got Sachiko M doing sinewaves on a few songs. Worth a look. It’s elegant and they rock out to good tunes while Otomo’s Moore meets Sharrock guitar chimes away in the background.

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