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Second Life Third Entry

Since finding Tringo have moved on to Sandboxes.

Attempted to build a mountain wth phyiscs.

Around physcis piece 300 some guy began to complain it was lagging the sim.

Anyway, took a lot of pictures none of them made it to disk.

One of the reasons why SL probably continues to exist

is that you consistently do run into weird shit.

Sandboxes before 3 .a.m. were mostly houses

after 3 a.m. I started to make a sculpture like thing

when I turned around some woman had made a series

of neo-classical Davids behind me and some other dude

had created a tram. Some other dudes seemed to be recreating

Starwars and there was a random robot lying on the ground you

could sit on.  There also a was dog sled, but the dude who made

it wasn’t around. Some dude up in the sky was recreating

a clock tower from kingdom hearts and had an entire plan worked

out for the town. He seemed a little nuts. Also might add before 3 .a.m.

wipe on sandbox meet some dude who was bragging about the Lindens

kicking him off the server who then flew over and begged for money

when I didn’t give him anything he left at which point I found out

I couldn’t move and apparently had been disconnected from the server.

The woman who made the Davids also was saying the Lindens were asking

her to put a fig leaf over her David. Anyway, that should go to show how

life works in a Dictator for life software based autocrarcy. 

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