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Race and cartoons

Some samples from Adult Swim


Squidbilles I hate whites

Minoriteam a cartoon about superheroes powered by racial stereotypes. 


It’s been said that to laugh at religion is to beleive it in. The source of humor

that slight discomfort of properness is supposively a product of one person

still lingering some doubts about religion. I’m not terribly sure this is true,

after all religion and especially Christianity probably continue to be funny and worth

parody more becuase of their place in society than some secret learning of the person

making fun of them. But you do have to wonder about these cartoons. Minoriteams

parody of whites in white shadow seems to have a hint of racial pride in it, is this

an apologists or a parody of white based discrimination? These are intended to be funny

but I don’t find them that funny neither do I find them offensive. "We use the power of what

we are not, to destroy what they are," says Dr. Wang. There’s something slightly sinister in them

not that they’re talking about race and other taboo subjects, but that they can’t quite come to

a point that seem unencumbered by them. 


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More Yip Yip videos

at you tube 

rath-chan avejamm 

High Heel To Mamal.

there’s more if you check Brian’s profile, but these seem like the best.



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