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Dawkins The Root of All Evil

It’s been such a long time since I argued against science and pulled out my old arsenal of postmodern thought that actually engaging in a discussion with Ian Monroe about Richard Dawkin’s The Root of All Evil kinda made me feel like I wasn’t argueing well enough, but it’s definitely an interesting subject. Dawkin’s series (it’s 3 parts and I’ve only seen one so far) is basically a diatribe against Religion. Of course as Dawkins suggests we’re all aethests of someone’s god and he has a point as time has passed by religion has faltered from it’s once robust worlds of a thousand deities religion has become primarily either Judia-centric or Buddhist and Dawkins subjects (he takes on Colorado based evangelist Ted Haggard) are probably worthy of the scruntinity.

But both religion and science are Western enterprises obessed with the concept of absolute truth and with refining methods are arriving at ultimate single point metholodigies, basically they appeal to some central tenant of Platonic thought while science employs a more Aristotlean method of knowledge gather while religion prefers to spend it’s time on texts and emotional health. My point being Dawkins’s arguement doesn’t seem much better than facism even though he’s fighting religious facism with extremists. His point that the world would be better with out religion might or might not be true (frankly I’m a little tired of it), but are we to create an even more hegemonic system of thought by limiting our access to mysticism? And for that matter science hardly corrects the problems that relgion created. It is still a centralizing source of effort that doesn’t want to share it’s place in cultural sphere when it comes to "truth". Truth of course being the supposed method by which we decide wisely on issues, but like so many enterprises before it it’s ultimately unable to accept that most conclusions are frivilous, we can have mulitple not just explinations or hypotheses for an issue, it’s perfectly possible even with in mathematics to have several different concurrent working systems that accomplish similar if not identical tasks. The most famous being that Galileo’s idea the earth revolves around the sun for instance was accomplished by math, but the Church’s rebutall was to build a model that explained the Sun revolving around the Earth (it was accurate). But this does raise issues, you can have perfectly accurate theoritical models that don’t line up with reality, but can predict it perfectly. Let’s not end with points, but speculation.

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Couple of things

Charlie Kaufman script for a TV pilot called Roomies.

While Kaufman’s level of self-hatred is as always a tad

ridicilous this script is actually pretty funny. plus Kaufman fan blog.


My blog influence thing. 

Hadn’t checked statistics in awhile (except for wordpress stats) and was

surprised to see people are actually linking to this thing again.


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Thought of the day

While we constantly debate the virtues of big versus small government has it ever occured to anyone to look at what point a population is better micromanaged? instead of cities, just take things by population density. One rep per set number of people etc. While I know in the U.S. our voting system is set up so that big population areas aren’t ignored by major campaigns, but my question is how many people managing themselves is the optimal level? how many people should be in charge of casting ballots to determine how the people in their block live? It seems like at a certian point we just substitute beauracy for effecieny. At what point can we not be anarchastics but still democratic? and is that preferable? part of the problem with democracy isn’t space (i.e. red state living under blue etc.) it’s the problem of different sets of people unable to accept the dicates of another. Why we need to break up laws by linear lines in the forms of states I don’t understand. Can’t we just have patches of voting blocks? distritcs? etc.



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